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Blade & Soul previews its Korean winter update with a new trailer

2018-09-17 15:37:45

The downside of games with asymmetric worldwide updates is that if you’re not in the region getting updated first, you can feel a bit left out. Case in point, it’s easy for Blade & Soul players to feel out in the cold when you look at the trailer for the big winter update in Korea coming soon. But the bright side is that you can start getting excited about things like the Lyn Warden class option arriving in the game now instead of waiting until it’s formally announced for a future patch in North America.

Other upcoming changes include awakenings for all of the game’s classes, new dungeons in both 6-player and 12-player varieties, and of course a multitude of new costumes to try out. Check out the full update trailer just below and get ready to start being excited about the content arriving… eventually. It’s all slated as a winter update for Korea, after all, it’s not even winter yet. Patience.

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